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Dues and Fees
As of Convention 2014, we will no longer utilize PayPal to accept membership dues or entries for Association evnts. You may pay your fees through your club or district secretary. The secretary will then forward your fees along with your membership forms to the Association office to be officially added to the AASP&RC membership roster.

The membership dues for each year should be paid by January 1st, but no later than March 1st. If dues are paid after March 1st, a late fee will be assessed.

A new family membership is $25.00 for the first year, as of the current AASP&RC Rulebook. The annual dues for a renewing family shall be $60.00. "(A family will include parents or legal guardian and unmarried children living as a household. When a child marries or reaches the age of 21 years, unless in the military or full-time student, a new immediate family is formed.)"

The membership fee includes a subscription tot he Rider's Roundup as long as the family is a member in good standing with their home club and the Association.

Lifetime members are asked to donate $10.00 each year. There is an initiation fee of $15.00 for all new or delinquent clubs to bear a part of the expense of recording the membership.

Association Office
PO Box 287
Bowie, TX 76230
(940) 577-0408